The BRAVE project aims at connecting the approach of Better Regulation policies with the new EMAS Regulation, Ecolabel Regulation and ECAP priorities, emphasizing the commitment of companies registered EMAS by granting them administrative and economic benefits. Companies’ decision whether to join EMAS/Ecolabel depends on the net benefits they expect from EMAS/Ecolabel participation. Enhancing EMAS, companies are encouraged to implement this tool and improve their environmental regulatory compliance and with Ecolabel can improve their competitivenss and their environemtnal performances.

The B.R.A.V.E. project aims to support the full inte­gration of EMAS (and of other voluntary certification schemes, such as the EU Ecolabel) in the environmen­tal legislation of EU Member States. This will facilitate EMAS implementation by all organisations (better reg­ulation) and remove, reduce and simplify the admin­istrative burdens for EMAS-registered organisations, as well as for companies adopting the EU Ecolabel or other forms of certification. This initiative will encour­age the adoption and dissemination of voluntary en­vironmental certification (regulatory relief).

The project started in October 2011 and will finish in December 2014. The project is co-financing by Life Plus Programme. The total budget is 2,219,679.00 € with EC contribution of 50% (1,109,840.00 €).