DISSEMINATION, consisting on promoting and disseminating, with the collaboration of the partners, of the results of each action of the project at a local, national and international level.

The dissemination plan will be carried out through different means: Project Website, Communication Plans, Notice boards, Brochures, Workshops and meetings, CD-rom of the project, Public conferences, Reports, Publications, etc.

According the stated in the Project Design, the derivables of the action 9 will be the following:

·         D9.1_Synthesis of arguments of the Middle – Term conference

·         D9.2_Copy of BRAVE Project CD – Rom

·         D9.3_Synthesis of arguments of the Final conference

·         D9.4_Copy of Layman’s Report

·         D9.5_Index of publications on newspapers and magazines

·         D9.6_After life Communication Plan