Expected results

The main result of the B.R.A.V.E. project will be the identification and development of effective measures for better regulation and regulatory relief. The useful­ness and efficiency of these measures will be tested.

The specific results will be:

  • Regulation analysis including recommendations for considering EMAS registration and Ecolabel (and other EU vol­untary certification schemes) in the development of new legislation and revision of existing legislation at national (Italy and Spain) and regional levels;
  • The setting up of seven regional working groups, two national working groups, one European work­ing group and seven regional consultation boards: these groups will work on the definition process, and will build consensus for the proposed meas­ures;
  • A report that will contain both the better regulation and regulatory relief proposals related to the exist­ing legislative framework, covering permit proce­dures, control and inspection procedures, environ­mental taxes and administrative fee reductions;
  • A list of at least 35 proposals to be tested in the regions involved in the B.R.A.V.E. project, accom­panied by a list of the competent authorities and private companies available to be involved in the testing phase;
  • A guidance tool for EMAS-based regulation and better regulatory relief.