ARPA Lombardia

ARPA Lombardia

ARPA Lombardia is the Lombardy Regional Agency for Environmental Protection. It is an autonomous public-sector agency that belongs to the Region of Lombardy’s system of administration, i.e. it forms part of the network of public bodies and agencies set up by the Region of Lombardy for the purposes of local governance.

ARPA Lombardia was established by Regional Law 16/1999 (subsequently amended and supplemented by Regional Law 14/2010) and became fully operational in 2000. It comprises a central structure, which is based in Milan and handles administrative functions as well as policy-setting, strategic and technical-scientific tasks which are assigned to separate Sectors.

Each Sector is responsible for:

  • framing policies
  • coordination
  • support and control

on behalf of departmental structures.

The Sectors are expected to facilitate both internal dialogue among ARPA departments and external dialogue with the Regional Government, local public offices, businesses and citizens.

Twelve Provincial Departments give ARPA a branch presence in each province of the Region.

ARPA Lombardia:

  • carries out all scientific and technical activities necessary for the environment-related administrative work of the competent authorities;
  • monitors reference tables (relating to air, water, soil, nature and biodiversity) and environmental pressures (deriving from economic activity, waste production, noise, transport and energy generation) ;
  • provides environmental information, promotes environmental education and encourages the adoption of innovation.

The main interlocutors of the Agency are:

– Institutions, particularly:

  • the Region
  • the Provinces
  • local authorities and other public bodies that work in the field of environmental protection

– Other interlocutors include:

  • businesses
  • research bodies
  • educational establishments
  • civil society


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