Chamber of Commerce of Valencia

The environmental activities performed by the Chamber of Commerce are strongly focused on spreading and disseminating information (legal, commercial, technical, etc.) environment related:

i) Environmental companies directory: Region of Valencia environmental companies directory edited and published once a year in CD format

ii) Report of environmental requirements for SMEs: Personalized report for interested SME, including legal and administrative requirements about environment affecting its activity

iii) Up-to-date environmental requirements service: Interested SMEs receive current environment information each six months

iv) “Re-util” magazine: Quarterly edited, contains by-products / sub-products market, surplus stock database, second hand machinery, and other

v) Managing of several databases dealing with:

  • waste authorized managing
  • waste European list
  • environmental services companies
  • water analysis laboratories
  • air emission control


Rafael Mossi Peiró.
Tel: +34 963 103 900
Fax: +34 963 531 735
Contact mail: [email protected]

Alberto Rodrigo Roselló
Tel: +34 963 103 900
Fax: +34 963 531 735
Contact mail: [email protected]