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Confindustria of Genoa, is an industry association at the provincial level representing manufacturing and services companies based in its territory. Specifically, with respect to the environment, the organization is involved at the policy making level. As to national legislation, such cooperation is carried out by participating in workgroups on environmental issues organized by the national Confindustria (Industry Association). Such workgroups shape the relationship between the national Confindustria and both relevant Ministries and Parlamentary Commissions. At the provincial legislative level, their consulting activity on environmental legislation is more direct and, through their involvement with regional consultive commissions, supports local entrepreneurs’ s interest in a sustainable interaction of entrepreneurial and environmental needs.

The consulting activity in favour of member firms related to environmental legislation focuses on: waste disposal, emissions of air pollutants, water, noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation, soil protection, dangerous substances disposal, major accidents hazards, environmental impact assessment, environmental management systems and sustainable development.

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