IEFE Bocconi

The Center of Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy (Istituto di Economia e Politica dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente – IEFE) is the research center of Università Bocconi specialized in the following fields:

  • Energy economics, focusing on energy markets as well as on natural resources;
  • Environmental economics, focusing both on environmental policy and environmental management and sustainability;
  • Economics of public utilities, focusing on energy, water and waste.

Since 1957, IEFE has emerged as a top-class international research centre in the fields of energy and environment policy and economics, as well as the economics and regulation of public utilities. This is the result of its multi-disciplinary approach and ongoing relationships with institutional and economic actors.

This approach has led to an integration of the economic, management, technical and legal skills required to deal with issues that are complex and continually evolving, because of the constant changes in technology, policy and regulations. The ongoing contact with institutional and economic actors means research can focus on issues that not only have great theoretical relevance, but are also current for policy makers and economic actors. In this regard, IEFE activities reach beyond their intrinsic technical value, by promoting a collective approach to the analysis of current issues and the development of support for sector policies and corporate strategies.

A crucial feature of IEFE is its independence, which comes from being part of Università Bocconi. It is fuelled by cooperation and dialogue with other European research centres, through academic networks. IEFE research is disseminated through publications, seminars and workshops, and is the core of the Institutes contribution to the University.