Istituto Andaluz de Tecnologia

The Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT) is a Technological Centre created as a private, non profit Foundation. It is located in Seville and Málaga (Spain) and in Guadalajara (Mexico), and it has been certified as being of public interest. Operating under strictly professional criteria, its goal is to assist companies and institutions to improve their results while making them sustainable, by providing them value using innovative solutions.

Its main areas of expertise include: Innovation , Innovation Regional Systems, People development, Technology Transfer, In-company innovation management, Environment, Energy, Quality and R&D and Innovation, Management, Logistic, Training and Knowledge Management Systems, Simulation and Industrial Design.

Management and Sustainable Development – Environment Main Activities:

A) Evaluation and improvement of the implementation of environmental polices: Support to public administration bodies in the analysis of the requirement of public policies and their implementation.

B) Support to organisations for the uptake of environmental technologies and best practices: Support in the identification and uptake of the environmental technologies and best practices to minimise the negative impacts associated to their production process.

C) Evaluation and improvement of product sustainability (Life Cycle Assessment-LCA): Support to organizations in the identification of environmental impacts associated with their products and services, in the definition of eco-design strategies to improve sustainability and in their labelling.

D) Participation in Committees for Standardization in order to establish technical standards in environmental areas

E) Dissemination, promotion and training in environment-related technological aspects


We have a strong background in project management, having participated in more than 100 international projects since our creation in 1989, both as coordinator and partner (MED programme, FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMES, CIP, LIFE+, Lifelong Learning Programme, INTERREG and other European programmes). IAT is the Andalusian Agency of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification).
IAT coordinates the Spanish Technological Platform for Environmental Technologies (PLANETA), and it is member of the European Enterprise Network (EEN), participating in its Environmental sector group.

Main activities related to BRAVE project:

  • Boosting the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) in European SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network (Go4EMAS). Objective: To promote the implementation of Environmental Management Systems (based on EMAS) in organizations grouped in Clubs and through an innovative methodology (e+5).
  • Evaluation and improvement of the environmental policies implementation. Guidelines for the scope definition and modifications of the Andalusian GICA Law (integrated environmental control).
  • Establishment of the regulatory basis to issue the EU Eco-label in Andalusia. Objective: Establishment of the regulatory basis to issue the EU Eco-label in Andalusia, so that this process is carried out in a systematic and controlled way. Ensure its independence and neutrality, as well as transparency of proceedings and the participation of all interested stakeholders.
  • MED-IPPC-NET (MED Programme) – coordinator, Mediterranean Network for strengthening and improving the implementation of the IPPC Directive on Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control.

Contacts details:

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Contact mail: [email protected]